How do i create a "Gamerotica Account"?
Here is a short guide how to create a "Gamerotica Account" and how to connect your "thriXXX Game Account" with it.

  1. Register at for a free "Gamerotica account" (choose any username/password)
  2. You will recieve an email ("New User Account Activation") with a link to verify your "Gamerotica account".
  3. Click on the link and finish your "Gamerotica account" registration by clicking on the "SUBMIT" button".
  4. To connect your "thriXXX Game account" with your "Gamerotica account" click on "Profile" - "Edit Profile" - "Manage thriXXX Game Accounts" and enter your "thriXXX Game account" datas.
  5. Don't forget to add your "Gamerotica Account" in the Community tab ingame!

Hint: If your Gamerotica account causes problems starting your thriXXX game properly, delete the Gamerotica username and password in the thriXXX game community tab and try again.