Sexy Hot Models

Let us introduce you to 4 new heartbreakers: Eric, Carl, Gerard and Khianna
Let them have fun, naughty role plays and adventures in the new 3D SexVilla 2, 3D GayVilla 2 and Hentai 3D 2.

New Hairstyles

2 more Hairstyles to make your girls even more attractive. A short sportive but elegant look and a nice breezy long seductive hairdo will spice up your look variation.

New Tattoo Pack

Give your models a more personal touch by using our new tattoos for shoulder, right arm and lower back. Choose tattoos for either fierce or charming, sweet or rough looks and change their characters with only a tattoo.

Exclusive Jewelry

New grandiose high society Jewelry to spoil your women. Let your girls sparkle and fall down to their knees to thank you for your generosity.

Advanced PoseEditor, Customizer & ToyEditor Features

Especially, as wished by our marvellous pose builders and artists, new possibilities to refine and improve your creations. New features you will find for FREE in this update are: In PoseEditor:
  • Paste Reverse Keys - copy a set of keys from the timeline and paste them back in reversed order
  • See the name of the current loop in interactive poses written inside the timeline
  • Tribadism connect - Connect vagina to vagina in custom poses
  • PE Utilities - A set of buttons to make common tasks easier
  • In ToyEditor:
  • Transparent Toys - You can make use of the alpha-channel in toy textures to hide parts or make them semi-transparent
  • Undo/Redo buttons
  • In Customizer
  • Sweat-Always-On option to make the skin shinier in all modes for screenshots or movies
  • 30% Off on Staff 'SexPack' Picks for 2013 To conclude the year and celebrate the Holidays with a sale, thriXXX staff picked 10 of their favorite items from updates of 2013 for 3D SexVilla 2, Hentai 3D 2 and 3D Gayvilla! So in case you missed the news, are new to the world of thriXXX here's another chance to get some fun content for the holidays at special prices. 30% discounts are available for all ingame-items in this Top 10 list until midnight New Year's Eve offer ending January 1st 2014.

    Café Romance

    Cum get your grab-n-go coffee or sexpresso BUZZ from sexy young Baristas in the local neighborhood coffee shop! Sit down for a little coffee shop chat on a date, or end a shift with a little after hours action in the backroom or toilet. No decaf or boring house blends served here, you'll be cumming back 3 times a day for a fix. Warning: do not play with this 'Banging the Barista' location while actually drinking scalding hot coffee! Please Drink Responsibly!

    Fire & Ice – Mountainside Chalet

    Getting snowed in sharing a mountainside chalet with a friend or stranger, for a not so lonely back country cabin retreat, doesn’t suck! Snare a ‘Snow Bunny’ for some après ski seduction, schnapps and snuggly sex. Bag the hot snowboarder MILF for some private one-on-one personal instructor action and learn what a ski pole is really for! A perfect location for Tyrolean, Rocky Mountain, Andean or any mountain retreat vacation fantasy.

    Garden of Desire

    Bonsai! Oriental Gardens reflect the fleeting impermanent quality of beauty and designed to idolize nature rather than regiment her. The ‘Garden of Desire’ is a Far East Zen-tastic location for erotic meditation to restore harmonic balance or a seductive semi-private walled garden for aggressive public place sex. Relaxing and serene with raked gravel, stepping stones, lanterns, Chinese gate, and gentle creek.

    New Snow Angels

    Getting these two angels flat on their backs in sparkling fresh powder snow to make some ‘Snow Angels’ will be both entertaining and enjoyable. Either can provide fireside massage for sore muscles and for any other body part in need of stimulation. Fenfang from Hong Kong can use fragrant and aromatic oils for a fun rub & tug, while captivating Rebecca from the UK strengths are binding, tying, controlling while being on the edge.

    New Euro Inspired Hairstyles

    Two new hairstyles include a Bavarian Oktoberfest influenced and themed style with long braids to grab hold of and serve up some fun, and a trendy Bohemian razor cut that is short, sassy, teased, and textured layered hairdo for fun fashion forward models.

    Two New Hairdos!

    The first is the perfect power plait, featuring a single wrap-a-round French braid with bangs and velvet head band for equal parts fashion and function! Number two is funky organic dreads! Coils of matted twisted tangled hair for reggae Rasta style loving hipsters!

    Stuff it in Me - The Bigger the Better!

    Be afraid of this super 'Footlong+' dong of a giant big fat thick 'Mandingo' cock. Be real afraid! The super-size-me Atomic Cock length and girth options are for the depraved who worship big giant horse cock. Atomic Cock unleashes a whole new dimension in what it means to be well hung! Thick as a man's arm 14-18" and longer, these cocks are ready to shove into places and break things wide open. WARNING: Cocks this huge are bound to break things, not all animations and pose will work and behave as expected :)

    Four For Fetish Fans

    We've added 4 'Beautiful Beaters' to the Toy Packs section of the SexShop. Sure to leave a lasting impression, the Carpet Beater, Paddle Boot Sole, Rug Beater, and Needle Hammer really kick ass for spanking fetish fanatics!

    Undress Me NOW!

    Three new outfit combinations all with included undress features! Expose those titties to get ready to strip naked and get down to business! The new outfits include a classy little silk frock that's very easy to slip off including some kick ass mid-high granny boots, a fun short mini-skirt & jacket top combo with slip on sandals, and a super sexy teddywear under garment outfit with full length knee high suede boots.

    New Jewelry Pack

    The new jewelry pack includes 3 sets of earring and necklace combos. Use jewelry to dress up any casual, formal or fetish wear with additional style and spice up a model’s ensemble in new and different ways. Models also look great in jewelry only!

    Redefining Beauty

    Malila has Native American look and is a bold independent inquisitive and strong willed type that relates to different cultures and always looking for an opportunity to show off her abilities, especially before an audience. She knows what you want and why you want it. Keep her happy as she can easily getting bored & switch lovers. The meaning of Ginny is "virgin maiden, pure, chaste", but this Ginny isn’t any of that. A bit introspective & philosophical she is analytical, and can be critical and opinionated but she’s no virgin. With an air of mystery, she can be solitary and secretive. Once inside her she is comforting, appreciative and affectionate.

    Two New Girly-Do's

    Our first new hairdo is a sleek slicked down sporty model with cute pig tails & loops. A daily wear sporty and fun adorable hairstyle for working up a sweat for hot yoga instructors or spunky cheerleader types. The second hairstyle is a funky short messed up saucy pixie with textured waves with up-do bangs for either a feminine soft romantic look or a bitchy fierce yet highly fashionable style for edgy formal events.

    Classic Asian Themed Bedroom

    In the spirit of fertility and luck in matchmaking this minimalist furnished sex shrine location has it all. Geisha girl inspired silk wall hanging scrolls, tatami mat straw floors, shoji rice paper walls and decorative lanterns, and century’s old Japanese style wooden bed. Simply perfect for bamboo caning rituals, body sushi or any other extravagant imaginings.

    Paddle Whack Pack

    This BDSM fantasy inspired whack pack is a series of required add-ons for any hardcore collector. A pink heart-shaped quilted flogger paddle for gentle tender spanking, a leather triple XXX rivet studded spanker, an electrified fly swatter, a bristly inspired mischief maker slapper brush!

    Check Out the New Ink

    Featuring 10 new designs these tattoos are the finishing touch for decorating titties, or as a compliment to nipple piercings. Simulated hand-poked or ground-in ink designs express individuality as body art, & sexual lures signifying a permanent pledge of love or rebellion.

    Mod Mod and Away

    Bust out of jail with your own mods and refurbish the private jet’s cabin to your own exacting specifications. Trim twirl twist new textures for hairstyles to extend them to new look and feels. Download the Textures and enjoy!